Monday, April 13, 2009

Running Away

Random Sandra took a break for a while, but it's time for a random walk down Sandra Brain, and this time, I don't guarantee any paralells, insight, or even sense. I do promise a bit of a good time, and maybe a daydream or two.

I desire to run away. Now, and at other times in my life, and I know you have all had the same desire at least a few times. No place in mind, no activity planned, just RUN AWAY.

Run away from 3 monthly bills from Bell Canada (can they get this crap together? I mean, really), run away from brown, winter weary grass, run away from coffee stains in the carpet, leaving the curling iron on, watching plants die, rust spots on the jeep, carrying 6 books because I don't know which will change my life, run away from backed up plumbing, leaky basement, taxes, and telemarketers. Run away from worrying about where the next paycheck is going to come from, wondering if I'm smart enough, run away from diets and lifting weights, run away from pissing people off, trying to do what's right, and never actually geting that right, run away from bailouts, uncertainty, global warming, conspiracy theories, hijacking, uranium enriching, unemployment, big bank corruption, dwindling stock markets, reality tv, big plastic island in the ocean, meth addicts.....Run Away.

So I imagine I ran....what would I do? I'd do all the stuff I've already done and want to do more of: Mountain Bike along a rocky ridge, surf until my arms won't work anymore, ski fresh powder after a midnight blizzard, kiteboard until the wind takes a break, climb stuff (all kinds of stuff!) with a rope, and without one, sew pretty sun dresses with flowers on them, catch rays on the sun pad of the boat, fly the Katana in the sunset.... and help other people.... yeah.... what could I help them with?

I can fix things; engines, and roofs, plumbing and brakes, clothing and computers. I can make things; decks, houses, dresses, gardens, pumps, cakes, and dinner. I can share things; stories, laughs, knowledge, labour, hugs, tears, and love.

And I would do new things; skydive, flyfish, sail, ride a motor cycle, learn about particle physics, and the mathmatics of 8 dimensions, make my theory of everthing (which would somehow revolve around snails).

Run Away.....Anyone?


michele said...

yes! i <3 running away, though these days it's harder to throw out both the baby and bathwater... *sigh*

i would run away and learn to keep bees and sell my apiary wares at the tuesday morning market in florence.

ps, josh sookman tweeted about you, so i thought i'd check out your blog. awesome writing!

Casie Stewart said...

Some times I want to run away too. I want to escape to my Grandad's batch on the coast of New Zealand that's over and hour drive from a small town on a dirt road. I want to run away there and wake up to the ocean. I want to break free.