Friday, December 12, 2008

Training for Instinct

Instinct is the inherent disposition toward a certain behavior. Killer instinct is the unquenchable desire to move forward (and win!) at any cost. We often do things in our business and lives that feel like instinct, when in fact, you have simply trained so much and so often in a certain way or activity that it is second nature.
In a long run last night, deep in thought about how on earth they make cheese into cheese strings (not all thinking-while-running is world changing:) ) I noticed that although I hadn’t thought about it for a while, my feet were moving one in front of the other without me asking them to. When I first started running, I actually had to ask each step to happen, sometimes out loud. But now, after much training, they seem to know how do it without me even knowing about it.
This concept is easily transferrable to business success. Taking principles and activities that are proven to work, and putting them into repeatable, routine practice will build instinct in your teams, allowing great success without the drain of great effort. Take a serious look at what has driven success in the past, and what specific activies are repeatable, and build them into your routine practices and daily routines to ensure that these are instinct for your teams.

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